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Expression analysis of leukocytes attracting cytokines in chronic histiocytic intervillositis of the placenta: Freitag, von Kaisenberg, Kreipe, Hussein

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Abstract: Chronic histiocytic intervillositis of the placenta (CHI) is a rare and potentially recurrent disease. Characteristically it shows accumulation of CD68+ cells in the intervillous space but no destructive tissue infiltration. An immunopathological background is likely but it is unknown what attracts circulating monocytes to the placenta. Methods: We analysed the expression profile of 102 inflammation- […]

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Combining corticosteroid and aspirin for the prevention of recurrent villitis or intervillositis of unknown etiology

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Summary (translation from the original paper in French): We report the cases of two patients who had a favourable outcome with aspirin and corticosteroid therapy during pregnancy for chronic villitis of unknown etiology complicated by labor asphyxia and further intrauterine fetal demise in one gravida 3 patient and for chronic intervillositis of unknown etiology diagnosed […]

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