What Treatment Can be taken in Future Pregnancies?

This is often the major question and one of the key reasons that people often find themselves on this site.

The following are broad recommendations for treatment compiled from contributions by the various members of the site (who have previously received a diagnosis of CHI/CHIV and gone on to have a successful pregnancy), emails from Doctors who have been in direct contact with me and what can be gleaned from published, medical research papers (sources referred to at the bottom).  It is not by any means a substitute for a formal medical treatment program and should not be used as such, it could however be offered to your medical professional for consideration and as a way to start putting together a treatment plan for future pregnancies.

The following information should not be regarded in isolation from other underlying conditions such as; Crohn’s disease, Antiphospholipid Syndrome etc these may ‘re-classify’ the ‘groups ‘ thus must also be taken into consideration. In the cases where an underlying condition has been identified it would be wise to consider number of previous successful vs. unsuccessful pregnancies combined with underlying condition findings.

Successful pregnancy for the purposes of this paper means viable birth of live child who survives.

Summary of suggested treatments for Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis (CHI):C.A.A.Belardo


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