Welcome to the CHI (Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis) Support website

If you are here then there is a good chance that you or someone that you care about, has been diagnosed with this condition.

If you’ve been diagnosed with CHI and hunting around the web for answers, it can be difficult to find research and having found it, you may not understand it fully. Research papers are inevitably written for other medical experts and are often hidden behind ‘paywalls’ that only those with university or hospital logins can access.

This site was not created by medical experts, it was instead created by people who have been affected by this condition.  It aims to empower you so:

  • you can understand what has happened in more detail
  • you can understand the various treatments plans on offer which you can discuss for any future pregnancies
  • you can refer yourself to a healthcare professional who has offered successful treatments or advice that leads to successful treatment or have your trusted healthcare professional work with one of the ones we have identified with experience in this condition
  • Research papers relating to CHI has been posted here and someone with medical knowledge has given a summary of its content. You can read them yourself or might find your health professional would be interested in their contents.