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Chronic histiocytic intervillositis in consecutive miscarriages: A potential pitfall in routine examination of conceptus (Fuad et. al, 2016)

This paper from Malaysia provides pathologists with information about what to look for when examining a placenta after a stillbirth or a miscarriage by discussing a case study of a woman who had several miscarriages and was found to have signs in three of her pregnancies in her placenta of CHI. They describe how lots of tests done to look for the cause of her miscarriages were normal so no cause was found until they examined the placentas. When they examined her placenta, they found the typical presentation of histocytes (type of white cell) in the intervillous space (the space where the blood of the mother transfers nutrients and oxygen to the baby’s blood). They are going to try to improve her pregnancy outcomes with LMWH (low molecular weight heparin – blood thinning injections). The paper was first presented at a conference in 2016.

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